How to use lemon for naturally white teeth

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How to use lemon for naturally white teeth

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Lemon is a type of fruit that has a nice taste with great flavor. It is known to have great hygienic purposes. One of them being keeping your teeth white and shiny. Lemon has some useful chemical components. One of them being a low acidic content. By chemical explanation is that, In the mouth there is production of salivary amylase and therefore mouth is generally existing in basic medium. When base medium stays at the mouth for a couple of time, the plague tend to form, therefore use of lemon will help eradicate this action like stain of food in the mouth. This is how it is achieved. In lemon in malic acid and when ingested they trigger the production of saliva. This is self explanatory.

Every other time you take a fruit it increases the saliva content in the mouth. By so doing it enables the one to clean out his mouth with plenty saliva and gets rid of stains on them. The use of Lemon juice always ensures that the medium in the mouth is kept neutral in that the acid in the lemon is used to react with the amylase in the mouth. Also magnesium in the lemon is a fundamental product that helps in maintaining the teeth in a very white condition. Magnesium is an ion and ions are fundamental to the body in that it keeps the bones and enamel strong and fit. This is why Lemon is highly advised to be used massively by people. Lemon erodes the spots in teeth.

This is because of the acid nature in it Scientifically, acid is a major cause of erosion and therefore is fit for teeth whitening. This requires only a mixture of two components. Lemon and baking-powder. But since mouth is a basic medium it is not really necessary to use baking-powder unless advised by the dentist that their mouth have insufficient amount of water. Lemon has nutrients for example vitamins in it This nutrients helps in fighting immune system of the body. This is therefore very important in that many times food particles tend to remain in the middle of the teeth canal. With this nutrient the teeth will always be as good as white for as long as your lifetime. This is a complete evidence that lemon keeps your teeth clean. However excessive use of it might cause complete damage to the enamel.

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