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Become a social god

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download YO have you ever met one of those guys that, no matter where they go, they always seem to “fit in”?

They always seem to be the leaders of all the groups they belong to, everyone loves them, and they get the girl.

What the fuck.

They get invited to do the coolest shit and always have tons of people wanting to hang out with them.

And most of the sea of mediocrity can’t wait to finish their boring shift so they can go home and watch Netflix…

I shit on the sea of mediocrity.

Can you imagine your life if you were invited to awesome, exclusive parties (yeah, the kind supermodels and A-listers go to), or getting a call from one of your friends telling you to get your ass to the airport because you guys are going to Bali with 15 girls on a private jet.

All for free.

What if I told you that you’re not far from tha life.

All it takes is some action taken and following a proven system that gets you from no friends to hanging out with the royal fam at their summer house. We are talking about DESIRE SYSTEM.

Being part of my Small Council, you’ll get access to this exclusive system and because you are an elite mother fucker that doesn’t settle, I am completely sure you will accomplish everything you want.

Hundreds of action-takers are already reaping the benefits of being a Social God, it’s time you got your share of the delicious, self-loving pie.

Social Gods are constantly connecting with people everywhere they go. They don’t hesitate and go for what they want.

Social Gods are also obsessed widownloadth giving value because they know value given will come back to them 10x and they will earn a good friend for life.

The system is being kept secret for now, but the doors for access will open in the coming days.

Of course, my top guys here at The Small Council will be the first to rush in and get it.

We don’t conform to “normal”. We shit on normal. We get what we want, with who we want, when we want.

We also love getting head and giving immense amounts of value.

Keep your eyes open for the next couple of emails.

I will be revealing my secrets for becoming a Social God really soon.

You don’t want to miss out. That’s all for today folks. Keep taking action.

Love growing and investing in yourself.  The more you are worth, the more you will get out of life. Okay, I’m out for real now.

Danny King

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