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imagesThe issue of electronic cigarettes has raised enough eyebrows by itself, so it’s no wonder that it got even more attention when teenagers entered the equation.  And it seems that everyone has an opinion.

An electronic cigarette is a device that consists of a heater that heats a vapor which contains nicotine. As you inhale, the vapor is released and you exhale it, imitating regular smoking. However these cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. According to the latest research, there are two million people that use e-cigarettes, and a large number of them are teens and tweens.

First of all, there is no conclusive evidence that electronic cigarettes are either bad or good for your health. Truth be told, they are better than regular cigarettes, since they contain less harmful chemicals and tobacco, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely harmless. Some studies show that electronic cigarettes are also addictive and withdrawal can include symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

Taking into consideration that they are less harmful than regular cigarettes, it seems that teenagers are jumping at the opportunity to use e-cigarettes. And while some feel that to be a more positive option, opposed to regular tobacco, others wonder if it is just a gateway into smoking regular cigarettes years later. Are e-cigarettes protecting teenagers from harmful substances found in regular cigarettes, or are they a more attractive way of getting them hooked on nicotine? Find more useful info on this web site http://bestecig.org.uk/.

So, teenagers are following this trend and according to most media and experts, it shouldn’t be a big deal. After all, its tobacco free, and for that reason a better choice. But is it really harmless?

According to a survey in which more than 16,000 teenagers from 14 to 17 years of age participated, 19% of them admitted that they had purchased and used e-cigarettes. Sixteen percent of the teenagers that tried e-cigarettes had never smoked before that point, and 23% who smoked didn’t enjoy it.

The industry reacted to the survey and described it as a unique and isolated case, and that it doesn’t represent teens as potentially becoming regular users. Other experts feel the same way, claiming that there is nothing to be worried about.

Currently the law that bans selling e-cigarettes and related products to persons under 18 is pending in most states. The FDA is working on making it a full law in the near future across the US. The link between tobacco and e-cigarettes lead the FDA to first ban sale to underage individuals, and is working on new regulations and laws that would establish clean rules on purchasing and usage of e-cigarettes.

The number of teenagers using e-cigarettes is growing, and it’s easy to understand the appeal. They are odorless, so their parents won’t know that they are vaping, and they are made with various flavors that lets them experiment and provides a feeling of freedom and smoking gives them the feeling of importance.download

All things considered, there is not enough research so far that would suggest that e-cigarettes are harmful. If teenagers are smoking either to avoid regular cigarettes or just for the fun of it, it is still better than the alternative. However, whether they are harmless or not is an issue that will remain unsolved until more studies are conducted that would confirm either stand.


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