Raw Honey Better Than Drugs for Treating Herpes

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Raw Honey Better Than Drugs for Treating Herpes

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honey-jarHerpes is one of those annoying issues that keeps coming back and can’t be completely cured. Labial herpes is somewhat less unpleasant than genital herpes, which can be rally uncomfortable and painful. Although there are methods and medications available for treating herpes, new research provide some new information on how to treat it more easily and effectively.

It has been established that honey is one of the best medicines that is both natural and with minimal side effects. Mainstream medicine usually prescribes manufactured drugs to treat herpes, but honey has proven to be more efficient that any other medicine for both cold sores and genital sores.

Treating Herpes with Honey

First of all, there is no cure for herpes both the drug or honey only treats the symptoms. A study with 16 adults which have herpes used both methods to treat different outbreaks of herpes. The results have shown that honey was more effective in treatment. The healing time for labial herpes was 43% better, and 59% better for genital herpes when they were treated with honey. The use of honey also affected the pain and crusting which were reduced significantly. Fore more info go ahead and check out http://www.mylastoutbreak.com. 

For the best possible results raw honey should be used instead of the processed one, in the state of semifluid. Apply the honey on the open sore a few times a day, it would be best if the sore is constantly covered with honey.

There were absolutely no side effects with the subjects that used honey, whereas there were 3 cases of local itching caused by the drug. This led to the conclusion that honey is a safe and effective way of herpes treatment.

What You Need to Know About Honey

Honey was once a conventional form o therapy, before penicillin appeared, and is now getting back in the game. However, not every honey is the same, so the results will differ as well. There are some sorts that shouldn’t be used as a remedy, and then there are those that are more powerful than some medications.

For example, honey bough in stores is processed and not suitable to be used as a remedy, as some can even increase the infection, and when consumed it won’t be as beneficial as raw honey.

A honey that is of good quality has several benefits that are the reason for its success in treating herpes: Drawing fluid from the wound; sugar stops the growth of microorganisms; honey contains low levels of hydrogen peroxide which is released on the wound.download

One of the best honeys for treatment is Manuka, which is made in New Zealand. It is made with the pollen from the flowers of Manuka, a medical plant, and has been proven to be effective in many clinical strains of bacteria.

Other Natural Therapies for Herpes Infections

There are other remedies that can be used for treating herpes, such as Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Lemon Balm, Garlic, Lysine, Lactoferrin, Resveratol and the like.

Most of these can be prepared at home and applied at home, which adds to their appeal, but they might not be as effective as raw honey.



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