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Popular baseball jerseys

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imagesThe first baseball team to wear full team baseball uniforms was the New York Knickerbocksers, and they did it way back in 1849. They wore uniforms made of blue wool, especially the pants, and their shirts were white ones, made of flannel. On their heads, they wore straw hats, and this has started to catch on pretty quickly. By the start of the 21st century, all the teams that played in the Major League have started wearing uniforms. The thing that made the Baseball uniforms stand out were the stripped ones, which were made popular by certain teams during the late 19th century, but even though people believe that this was the big revolution in the world of Baseball uniforms, it wasn’t – it was the decision to have both home and road uniforms.

This idea appeared somewhere at the end of the 19th century, when most teams decided to have a one set of uniforms for the home games, and another one for the road games. The teams used to wear the white ones while they were playing the games at homes, and the gray or the black ones when they played the games away. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that some teams started wearing different colors, like blue or red.

These two different types of uniforms are still being in use today; of course not the colors, but one set for the domestic games, and another one for the away games. And this is not just restricted to baseball, other sports also use this, and this has become a thing of normality today. However, the baseball uniforms completely changed somewhere around World War I, when some of the teams started wearing striped uniforms; that is where that uniform we all came to love and cherish came from.

And even though people believe that the numbers were always a part of the baseball uniform, this is not quite true. images (1)These things have started to appear only in 1916, with the Cleveland Indians being the first team to place them on their uniform – on their sleeve, and they have only worn them during their home games. The New York Yankees were the first ones to start putting the number to the back, and the Brooklyn Dodgers were the first team to start putting the numbers in the front of the uniform, and they did this in 1952.

Now we know the history of home and away baseball uniforms, and how interesting it really is. In fact, if there were no home and always uniforms, it is a question if we would have ever had the numbers on the uniforms at all. Also, other sports have started employing the technique of having different uniforms for the home and away games, which is just another example of how the Baseball has influenced the world of sports. By knowing this story, we know a little something more about the world of sports, which is something every true men should know.

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